Putting Your Interests First

Elderly CoupleRelationships matter to us at Byrne Frodsham.  Many of our clients have been coming to us for legal advice on a variety of life-changing situations for decades. Others come to us for one-off specialist advice on particularly challenging personal or business issues, as and when they need us.

Senior lawyers work on each and every case ensuring that our combined extensive experience is always working for your benefit. If you are a Byrne Frodsham client, you are never “just another case” because we always strive to put your interests first and to deliver the best possible legal support available.

Easy Access to Our Services

To help you further, we also offer an after hours and home service if you work unusual hours or find it difficult to reach our offices for any reason.

There is easy access for  clients with wheelchair/mobility problems and we have a dedicated ground floor interview room to facilitate meetings with clients.