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Careless Driving and Accident Offences

A person convicted of an offence of careless driving will be liable for an endorsement of 3 – 9 penalty points or a period of disqualification and a fine.

A person convicted of an offence of failing to stop after an accident or failing to report an accident will be liable for an endorsement of 5 – 10 penalty points or a period of disqualification and a fine. In the most serious of cases, a person may be liable to a community penalty or a custodial sentence.

Why you need specialist advice

Allegations of this type frequently arise out of accidents or alleged accidents. As a result the process of defending such an allegation can prove particularly traumatic and daunting for all parties concerned. It is rarely straightforward and an ill-judged, unconsidered response soon after a traumatic and unexpected incident can have far-reaching consequences. It is therefore imperative that specialist advice is sought as soon as possible to ensure that any investigation and court proceedings are conducted fairly.

In addition to identifying and employing technical defences where appropriate, we also have considerable experience in assessing the strength and accuracy of prosecution evidence in respect of such allegations.

If you have been charged with or summonsed for an offence of careless driving or failing to stop/failing to report and would like a free, no-obligation discussion regarding your options, please feel free to contact us by telephone on 0151-424-5601 or email:

We offer a range of fees as follows:

Guilty plea and Sentence
(Representation at Court for guilty plea and sentence) from £600.00 incl of VAT

Not Guilty Plea and Trial
(Preparation for trial and representation during trial
hearing including sentence (if any) from £1,200.00 incl of VAT

Exceptional Hardship Argument
(Preparation of your argument and attending Court
to represent you) from £900.00 incl of VAT

Advice Only
(Specific and detailed written advice) from £250.00 incl of VAT

Letter of mitigation
(Bespoke letter drafted to suite the circumstances
of your individual case) from £200.00 incl of VAT

Initial Advice FREE OF CHARGE

(Please email the details of your
case to: