Our individual, client-focussed approach to commercial law

Commercial LawCommercial Law is another highly complicated and important legal area of work. We at Byrne Frodsham & Co. can assist in all such matters. We focus on the legal needs of the sole trader, small business, or companies. Each case has its own unique requirements which we take on board offering an individual client-centred service.

Charles Asbury is the solicitor involved in this particular area of law.

The legal maze of buying, selling and leasing a business

We regularly deal with the purchase and sale of small businesses. The work can relate to just the premises and/or the business itself. We deal with leasing of shops offices and industrial premises. The accounts, liabilities, trade fixtures and fittings goodwill and employees are all relevant. The Leases under which business premises are often held are highly complicated legal documents creating long standing relationships. The wrong form of Lease for business premises could ultimately destroy a business.

At Byrne Frodsham & Co we can advise on all such points and help you through the legal maze. We have access to specialist accounting and tax advice.

Get the right legal guidance

It is vital to have experienced lawyers such as ourselves looking through the legal documentation before it becomes binding in order to spot and eradicate any potential problems. We will do our utmost to guide you through your rights and act for you to resolve matters with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

We will deal with your business matters expeditiously, estimating costs and expenses involved. If Court action is necessary we will advise you on the prospects of success. In this way you will be able to make an informed personal decision on whether or not you should proceed with litigation.