Expert advice for employers and employees on English employment law

Employment Law

Advice for employers and employees on English employment law (including Settlement/Compromise Agreements)

We act for both employers and employees which gives us the widest possible experience to enable us to provide you with certain advice in relation to employment law.

Whilst we do not provide advice or representation in relation to bringing or defending claims before the Employment Tribunal/Courts for unfair or wrongful  dismissal we have many years experience in providing advice in connection with the preparation and completion of Settlement/Compromise Agreements upon the termination of an employee’s Contract of Employment. For a Settlement/Compromise Agreement to be effective and enforceable, the employee must receive independent legal advice from a suitably qualified legal advisor, and we are able to provide that advice.

Additionally, we can provide helpful and important assistance to employers in connection with Contracts of Employment. Many small businesses do not have a standard employment contract, and do not get around to preparing one. This is not in anyone’s interest. It results in a high level of uncertainty in the relationship between employer and employee which is unnecessary and potentially damaging to both parties, and can result in the employer facing penalties.

Comprehensive employment contracts

We will draft you an employment contract to which either party can refer in the event of a dispute. We can advise you about terms appropriate to your particular circumstances including hours of work, pay structure, commission, bonus, over-time, holiday and sickness/maternity entitlement, job description, disciplinary and grievance procedures. With a comprehensive employment contract everyone knows where they stand.

An employment contract prepared by Byrne Frodsham will go a long way to avoiding employer/employee problems. If disputes do arise we can act as negotiators or provide representation in unfair dismissal cases and redundancy claims in tribunals either for the employer or the employee.

If necessary we can advise upon and draft settlement agreements and negotiate severance packages for either party.