Lasting Powers of Attorney

Family GenerationWe can advise and prepare Lasting Powers of Attorney to enable you to appoint attorneys to make decisions on your behalf about your property, and financial affairs, and your health and welfare. Anyone over the age of 60 should consider a lasting power of attorney.

It is essential in this area of the law to seek advice as soon as possible. There are numerous time limits applicable which may adversely affect an efficient and satisfactory arrangement of assets. Delay in seeking proper advice can make all the difference between retaining family assets and the peace of mind of the client, or losing these and the client and family suffering hardship.

Court of Protection

Where a family member or friend has become unable to manage their financial affairs by reason of mental incapacity, we are able to assist with an application to the Court of Protection whereby an appropriate person may be appointed as Deputy to act on their behalf. This can be a complex process which we aim to make more accessible to our clients.