How our family law team can help when relationships break down

Divorce and SeparationAn increasing number of marriages and civil partnerships end in divorce or separation. It is also the case that many relationships break down where partners are not married.

Marion O’Donovan is Byrne Frodsham’s matrimonial supervisor supporting Karen Cann who is our leading matrimonial expert.

Sometimes family members may be experiencing violence or harassment which may make it essential to obtain an injunction order from the Court. Legal Aid may be available for this.

A family’s financial matters are of extreme importance on marriage break down and an appropriate division of money and property is essential. The question of pension rights will often be very important. We can assist clients through what can be the  most traumatic period of their lives with a view to seeking as much financial stability and advantage as is possible.

Another area in which Byrne Frodsham can assist is in connection with the situation where a local authority may be involved in protecting children from possible harm.

We will provide expert and sympathetic attention to each case ensuring that practical advice is given on all occasions. Legal Aid is now only available in certain very specific situations, about which we can advise you. We are able to make arrangements for your legal costs to be met in a manageable way, for example through a payment plan.

Byrne Frodsham can provide fixed fee divorce service.


In all situations Courts prefer separated couples to endeavour to reach agreement with regard to disputes concerning family finances and children. We are able to arrange a referral to an expert legal aid accredited local mediator who will be independent to both parties. If the situation is appropriate the mediator helping parties to reach agreement (which can then be approved by the Court) in a cost effective and less stressful environment.

Children Matters

We can assist in all matters relating to children such as family arrangement orders. If social services are involved leading to care proceedings in situations where there are children at risk.