Specialist legal advice for speeding offences

Car SpeedingA person convicted of an offence of speeding will be liable to an endorsement of 3 – 6 penalty points or a period of disqualification of up to 6 months and a fine. A person convicted of an offence of failing to furnish information as to the identity of a driver will be liable for an endorsement of 6 penalty points or a discretionary disqualification and a fine.

A person who accumulates a total of 12 effective penalty points on their licence will be liable to a disqualification of 6 months unless it can be shown to the Court’s satisfaction that to do so would cause Exceptional Hardship.

Speeding offences may not be as straightforward as first thought

With the number of prosecutions for speeding increasing dramatically during recent years, many more drivers are finding themselves rapidly accumulating endorsements and facing the risk of a disqualification from driving.

Therefore, it is vital that when prosecuted for a speeding offence specialist advice is sought. Although allegations of speeding appear at first glance to be relatively straightforward, a thorough examination of the prosecution evidence will often identify a defence.

This could be a simple paperwork problem; an issue of operation or calibration of speed measurement devices; an issue of the enforceability of a speed limit; or continuity of evidence. In some cases there may be concerns about the accuracy and reliability of speed measurement devices.

In the case of an allegation of failing to furnish information a defence may be available where the identity of the driver could not be ascertained. This defence may also be available to companies in very limited circumstances.

Have you been summonsed?

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Guilty plea and Sentence
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Exceptional Hardship Argument
(Preparation of your argument and attending Court
to represent you) from £900.00 incl of VAT

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Letter of mitigation
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Initial Advice

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